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Meso Skin Rejuvenation

Meso Skin Rejuvenation

Meso Skin Rejuvenation for Face & Scalp.

Want to restore and rebuild tired, dry skin? Looking for a solution for wrinkles, laugh lines, acne scarring and Crow’s feet?

Use Scalp Micro USA’s Meso Skin Rejuvenation treatment with Hyaluronic Acid to restore natural collagen in your face or scalp.


The tiny micro needles of Mesotherapy help natural collagen production on your face and scalp which improves appearance and radiance. It’s like a mini-facial that gives instant results.

Reasons for choosing Mesotherapy

› Reduce Fine Lines

› Minimize and interrupt wrinkle formation

› Clear appearance of acne scars and pitting

› Boost moisture and radiance

How does it work? How can it help?

Our Meso Skin Rejuvenation treatment works by using gentle skin needling to help necessary vitamins and minerals penetrate your skin. Where most serums and creams just sit on top of your skin, using Meso Skin Rejuvenation we ensure that ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and amino acids get under your skin for long term results!

› Stimulate new collagen and blood circulation on scalp

› Rejuvenate dry and tired skin

› Strengthen existing hair and spur new growth

› Your skin and scalp will feel immediately refreshed and rejuvenated after just 1 session


To get a quote or schedule your Mesotherapy treatment, please contact us today!