Paulo Xavi at Scalp Micro Portugal in Porto, Portugal

Paulo Xavier

Portugal's #1 Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner 🇵🇹

Paulo Xavi | @caprice_portugal
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Paulo's Story

Having suffered from hair loss since he was 24, Paulo always found it to be something that greatly affected his confidence. He tried every hair loss option including Propecia, all kinds of hair potions, and finally having a hair transplant without seeing any results. From his constant search for a solution, he finally found scalp micropigmentation. The treatment completely changed his life and he immediately wanted to break into the industry. He decided to go to the US to learn this art of SMP from Matt Iulo at Scalp Micro USA. He wanted to bring this amazing treatment to the people of Portugal with the goal of giving customers the same joy and confidence that he felt after getting the SMP treatment.

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Paulo's Experience

Paulo has over 3 years of experience and has worked with hundreds of clients. He runs the most successful scalp micropigmentation clinic in Portugal and specializes in creating natural hairlines. He has experience in youthful looks, as well as more mature, receded hairline development.

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Paulo's Credentials & Awards

Paulo successfully graduated top of his class at Scalp Micro USA’s training school. He also completed an apprenticeship under Matthew Iulo. He now runs Scalp Micro Portugal. Paulo holds a Portugal Tattoo license, certificate of Scalp Micropigmentation, and Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification.

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