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Looking for Scalp Micropigmentation in New York?

If you are struggling with hair loss, then receiving the best Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatment is a must! Our team of expert practitioners has 10+ years of experience, having treated 10,000+ Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) clients. We believe in delivering the most natural results to make you look and feel your best.

We have 3 expert Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners in our New York City Location. 🗽

scalp micro pigmentation new york

Matthew Iulo was one of the pioneers of scalp micropigmentation and helped bring the treatment to the US. He has treated over 5,000 clients struggling with hair loss, hairline recession, pattern baldness, hair transplant scarring, and alopecia.

Ken Boyle began as a Scalp Micro USA client and joined our team to make hair loss his mission. Ken is an absolute rock-star who has treated over 3,000 clients.

Mike Sosna is an industry leading Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner. Mike specializes in hairline design and matching a person’s style to help frame their face. Mike received the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment and knew he needed to impact more people struggling with hair loss. Mike is in touch with both urban styles and more softer mature looks. His passion shows strongly in his world-class results.

Our team can help you with the following hair loss areas:
Pattern Baldness
Scar Camouflage

Chris, New York
"I'm truly, truly happy! I'm excited to go home and show my wife, the kids...if you're thinking about it, just go for it!"

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66% of men start losing their hair by 35, some even in their early 20’s. And with existing hair loss products being extremely ineffective and riddled with side effects, it’s easy to see why men are seeking an alternative hair loss solution.

That’s why we created Scalp Micro USA. Our Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is the only 100% effective hair loss solution. This solution mimics the appearance of tiny hair follicles without surgical restoration, hair transplants, or other evasive procedures. Our hair pigmentation treatment is drug-free, cost-friendly, and delivers immediate results with little to no maintenance. Simply put, we provide bald(ing) men the look of a clean buzz cut.

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We help educate men to take action and stop waiting for ineffective powders, foams, shampoos, and pills to control their hair loss and confidence.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality results for our clients. That’s why our team of expert Scalp Micro Pigmentation practitioners have years of experience, providing the treatment for thousands of clients. They even have the treatment done themselves! They will help answer your questions about scalp micropigmentation and be with you throughout the entire process.

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