9 Popular Hairline and Beard Shapes Created With Micropigmentation

January 2nd, 2024

Micropigmentation is a non-invasive hair loss solution that involves adding tiny dots of pigment to the skin to mimic the appearance of hair follicles. The results are similar to a buzz cut or the short stubble of a close shave. This hair and beard treatment is highly effective and requires minimal maintenance. Beard and scalp micropigmentation can be used to add density to the hair on your scalp and enhance your facial hair.

9 Popular Hairlines and Beard Shapes

Scalp micropigmentation clients can choose to replicate their natural hairline or create a new shape that complements their facial features and style preferences. Beard micropigmentation is ideal for clients with a strong five o’clock shadow or who rarely shave their beards. Here are some of the hairline and beard shapes our artists use to create even, natural-looking effects:

Round Hairline

The round hairline arches slightly at the center of the forehead before curving back down toward the temples, creating a natural and youthful appearance. A more intense curve creates the appearance of a receded hairline for a naturally aged look. Before finalizing your rounded hairline design, micropigmentation artists must determine the location of your temporal points. Connecting the curve to these points helps artists make sure the hairline properly frames the sides of your face.

Straight Hairline

Straight hairlines are rectangular hairline options. This geometric hairline extends directly from one side of the forehead to the other without any rounding or receding patterns. Straight hairlines may include 90-degree angles where the hairline and temporal points meet. This consistent shape creates a more youthful hairline. It also creates the appearance of a lineup from a barber.

Slightly Receded Hairline

Another option is a hairline that is slightly receded with a bend at the center point. Just before this hairline reaches the temporal points, it subtly curves back down again to create a mildly receded pattern. This hairline creates natural-looking results for older male clients. Collaborate with your micropigmentation artist to determine how receded your new hairline should be to match your head shape and age.

Natural Beard

Natural beard enhancement addresses patchiness, uneven growth, and sparse areas. Micropigmentation artists create the illusion of increased beard density by mimicking the appearance of hair follicles on the face within the natural growth pattern. Our artists maintain your natural beard shape by filling in gaps and reducing patchiness without adding solid lines.

Defined Beard

Micropigmentation artists create defined beard shapes by tattooing hair growth lines along the cheeks and jaw. These beard lines can be curved or angular with closely placed pigment dots. A sharp angle on the cheek below the ear creates a more chiseled shape, while a curved design softens the look. This bold beard shape is ideal for clients who prefer a uniform and clean-cut appearance.


Beard micropigmentation artists add density to thin or patchy goatees. The pigment creates the appearance of a thicker hair growth pattern on the chin and soul patch areas. Goatee micropigmentation may also include adding pigment to the mustache area. This beard shape is ideal for men who prefer a more unique, stylized appearance.


Men who prefer a clean-shaven face can use micropigmentation to define their sideburns. Micropigmentation artists add pigment to fill in patchy or uneven hair growth at the sides of the face. Sideburns with straight edges create a bolder look, and tapered edges help the sideburns blend well with the rest of your facial hair and hairline. Clients can also customize the length and width of their sideburns.

Broken vs. Defined Hairlines and Beard Lines

During the consultation for a hairline tattoo or beard enhancement treatment, your micropigmentation artist may ask whether you want your hairline or beard line to be defined or broken. This question refers to the sharpness and density of the pigment dots near your hairline and the edge of your beard. Defined hairlines appear more cultivated and styled, while broken hairlines have a more natural, effortless look. Artists stagger pigment dots to create a broken hairline and keep the pigment densely packed together in a defined hairline. Creating overly strict lines in either type of hairline can cause the results to appear unnatural.

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Scalp and beard micropigmentation treatments restore your hairline and enhance your facial hair. You can choose from straight, round, slightly receded hairlines or a combination of multiple hairlines that compliment your facial features. If you want to add fullness to your facial hair, our team offers beard enhancement micropigmentation services. Scalp Micro USA offers effective scalp and beard micropigmentation services for clients experiencing hair loss caused by various factors. This includes clients with thinning hair, male-pattern baldness, alopecia, and scalp scarring. Contact us today to book a free consultation at one of our clinics. We have locations in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Fort Lauderdale.

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