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The top destination for scalp micropigmentation in South Florida. Located in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale area, right near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) Airport. Other nearby airports include Miami (MIA) and West Palm Beach/Palm Beach (PBI).

About Our South Florida Clinic

We opened up Scalp Micro USA South Florida in 2022 to bring the highest quality scalp micropigmentation to the area. Our lead micropigmentation practitioner and clinic manager, Danny Horal has over 2 years of experience and is one of the rising stars in the industry. You’re in great hands with our guy Danny in Fort Lauderdale.

Scalp Micro USA FL

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Danny Horal

Danny is the clinic manager and lead SMP artist in South Florida. Danny finished his 6-month Master Apprenticeship with Matt Iulo and treated 2-3 clients per day at the New York flagship location. Excelling in all aspects of the SMP procedure, Danny was selected to manage and treat clients at our new South Florida location in Fort Lauderdale.


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Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles or short hair stubble. If you are starting to thin, recede, or if you are completely bald, we can give you the look of a short buzz cut.

  1. Pigment: SMP uses a specialized pigment that is formulated to match the natural color of hair follicles. This pigment is also designed to be longer-lasting and fade-resistant than regular tattoo ink.
  2. Depth: SMP is applied at a shallower depth than regular tattoos, which allows for a more natural-looking result. The pigment is applied into the upper layer of the dermis, whereas regular tattoos are typically applied deeper into the skin.
  3. Technique: SMP requires a specialized technique that involves using tiny needles to create small dots on the scalp that resemble hair follicles. This technique is different from the traditional tattooing technique, which involves creating lines and shading.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of SMP is to create the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair by filling in areas of hair loss or thinning. Regular tattoos, on the other hand, are typically used for decorative or symbolic purposes.

Typically 4-6 years before a touch-up may be needed

Scalp micropigmentation is not considered to be a one treatment process. Most clients can expect between 2-4 sessions to complete their treatment depending on the extent of hair loss or scarring. These treatments are usually spaced about 10-20 days apart.


Our customers are saying

Gabriel Padilla

Danny was fantastic and paid very close attention to detail. The result was as if I took a trip to the Fountain of Youth, the procedure took years off of my age. Also, great communication leading up to the procedure. I would highly recommend!

Zachary Orvin

Danny was amazing and understood what I wanted. The attention to detail and professionalism was appreciated. The experience was explained thoroughly before, during and after procedure. If anyone is hesitant or not sure of getting... Read more

Seron Moore

Almost walked out. I was really apprehensive about this procedure and I looked at SMP for 2 years before deciding to go in. When I met Danny, he was very chill, very welcoming. Before we got started, we had a little chat about the procedure and he answered... Read more