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Dane Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in Austin, Texas

Dane started noticing his hair loss when he saw a picture of his crown balding. He came across Scalp Micro USA in Austin and called Graig Lauricella for a consult. Dane wanted a natural, age appropriate hairline that blended into his existing hair.

Jason Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in NYC

Jason has been losing his hair for years and would try to cover it up by wearing hats all the time. He looking for a natural, age appropriate, fuller look to get some youthfulness back. He's working with Matt Iulo at our Scalp Micro USA clinic in New York City.

Angelino Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in New York

Angelino has been struggling with hair loss since he was 15 years old. He's always covered his head with hats but was sick off hiding underneath it all day long. He found scalp micropigmentation and decided to get the SMP treatment done with Matt Iulo in New York City.

Anthony Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in New York City

Anthony is a former pro soccer player who has kept a short buzzcut for most of his life. As the years went by, his hair loss started to get worse and he felt his age was starting to show. His friend told him about Scalp Micro USA and he decided it was time to get his hairline back. Check out Anthony's genuine story here!

Sevag Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles, CA

Sevag started noticing his hair loss in his early 20s. He immediately started using Rogaine and over the years it was no longer helping to regrow his hair. He came across scalp micropigmentation in Los Angeles and the rest is history. Check out his amazing hair loss story here!

Sohail Gets Scalp Micropigmentation in NY

Sohail started losing his hair in his early 20s. He came across scalp micropigmentation and thought this could help fill in the gaps for a natural hairline and seamless buzzed look. Check out his incredible hair loss story!

Scalp Micropigmentation in NYC

Jay started to notice his hairline was receding a few years ago. He tried an online hair loss subscription called Hims but after two years and tons of money spent, he saw zero results. Jay came across Scalp Micro USA and decided to go forward with scalp micropigmentation. Check out his incredible story here!

Scalp Micropigmentation in New York City

Raul started noticing hair loss in his early 20s when his hairline started receding. He tried Rogaine, Propecia, and other hair loss medications but nothing seemed to work. He found scalp micropigmentation and booked with Mike Sosna. Check out his amazing story and hair loss transformation HERE!

Scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles, CA

Brad started losing his hair when he was 24. Hair was a big part of his look and who he was and after his hair loss started getting worse and worse, he decided to shave it off. Brad came across scalp micro pigmentation and met with the team at Scalp Micro USA. Check out Brad's incredible story here.

Mitch Gets Scalp Micropigmentation

Mitch started losing his hair when he was 22. He's tried Rogaine, Propecia, Microneedling, PRP and nothing worked. Amongst his research for a hair loss solution, he came across scalp micropigmentation. Check out his incredible story here!

Shaun Gets Scalp Micropigmentation

Shaun's been struggling with hair loss for years and felt he looked much older than his actual age. Unhappy with his look, sick of wearing hats, and wanting a framing to his face, Shaun came across scalp micropigmentation at Scalp Micro USA and the rest is is his hair loss!

Tiktok Star gets Scalp Micropigmentation

Christian is no stranger to hair loss and after years of constantly wearing a hair piece, it was time for a change. After tons of research, Christian came across scalp micropigmentation and chose Scalp Micro USA in Los Angeles to get his hairline back!

Justin's Story

Justin had been dealing with hair loss since he was a teenager. The front started receding, then the back/crown area went, then the top started to thin. Once the top started to go, Justin decided to look into options for his hair loss. Then, he found scalp micropigmentation...

Bryan's Story

Bryan has been struggling with hair loss for years. He's tried Rogaine, hair fibers but was always concerned about sweating or making sure places allowed hats. His main goal was to get a framing to his face and get some youthfulness back. Check out his amazing scalp micropigmentation story HERE!

TJ's Story

Tj is a pro-basketball player who started noticing his hairline going further and further back. He found scalp micropigmentation, saw the results, and decided to dive head first! Check out his incredible story and life-changing transformation here!

Thomas' Story

Thomas from Houston, Texas starting losing his hair a few years ago. His big hair was a staple of his character and losing it negatively impacted his confidence. He found Graig Lauricella on Instagram and decided to get SMP. Check out his incredible transformation!

Dan B's Story

Dan first noticed he was experiencing hair loss when a hairdresser pointed it out to him. After years of low self-esteem, Dan decided to make a change. Check out his incredible scalp micropigmentation story HERE!

Enzo's Story

Enzo started losing his hair at age 22. He tried Rogaine and Propecia but overtime his har loss worsened. He came across Scalp Micro USA and wanted to get the treatment done for his birthday. Check out his story here!

Tiago, @EyeBrowKing's Story

Tiago is a celebrity permanent makeup artist who has been struggling with hair loss since he was 18. He was looking at getting a hair transplant and then came across scalp micropigmentation. Check out his story here!

Travis' Story

Travis tried Propecia, Rogaine, keratin fibers, light helmets, and nothing helped his hair loss. He found scalp micropigmentation two years ago and decided to finally get the SMP treatment. Check out his MIND-BLOWING result!

Darron's Story

Darron is a student from Los Angeles, California who started losing his hair in his early 20's. He used toppik every day to rebuild his hairline. Check out his incredible scalp micropigmentation story here.

J Manifest's Story

J Manifest has worked with the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and much more. He’s an advocate for positivity, hard work, and winning. When J started losing his hair he called us to bring his self-esteem back!

Matt's Story

Matt started losing his hair in college and after years of trying to cover it up with combovers and different hairstyles, he decided it was time for a change. Check out his incredible story and transformation with scalp micropigmentation HERE!

Juan's SMP Story

Juan came to Scalp Micro USA to get his hairline back. He lost his hair over 30 years ago and when he turned 50, he decided he wanted a buzz cut look. Check out his incredible scalp micropigmentation transformation!

Paul Malcolm's SMP Story

Paul liked the shorthaired look and wanted to match the hair coloration that he has on the sides of his head to the front and middle part for a seamless look. Check out his amazing scalp micropigmentation transformation here!

John Rollins' SMP Story

John talks about his search for a hair loss cure when he came across Scalp Micro USA. He wanted a natural look and to get a framing back to his face. Check out his amazing scalp micropigmentation before and after!

Josias' SMP Story

Josias shares his scalp micropigmentation journey from start to finish in this self-made documentary. Check out his before and after results!

Chris' SMP Story

Chris opens up about his struggle with hair loss and how Scalp Micro USA changed his life. Find out what his wife and kids think about his new look!

Moe's SMP Story

Moe discusses hair loss, scalp micropigmentation, how he found Scalp Micro USA, and why a natural hairline that framed his face was his top priority. Check out this Youtube stars hair loss story!

Ian Philadelphia, PA

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Top notch service and results from the best practitioners in the industry!

Nestor Houston, Texas

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My experience at Scalp Micro USA was phenomenal. Graig did my treatment, and I was extremely satisfied. He’s professional and his work speaks for itself. This treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has built my confidence and self-esteem. I recommend them to anyone seeking treatment. The space is clean and welcoming.

Michael Menchaca Houston, Texas

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Just had my 2nd session done today in Houston with Graig. It Looks awesome and Graig was very professional, caring and just makes you feel real comfortable. Fellas if your balding or thinning hair I strongly suggest you go see Graig in Houston at scalp micro usa. Hes the man for the job. Make you feel young again. Get your confidence back up. Thanks Graig!

Abraham Thomas Houston, Texas

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Amazing company! I would give 10 stars if I could, I had my procedure done at the Houston clinic and I have to say, I am happier than I thought I would be after my second session. The results are way better than what I expected going in there. Graig is exceptional at what he does and a down to earth guy. Really understands what you’re going through and what needs to be done. Would recommend him to anyone that wants to get SMP done here at the Houston clinic.

Marquis Bernard Houston, Texas

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Graig was awesome!!! And did an amazing job. I Would highly recommend having your procedure done by him if you are thinking about having it done. He made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions, and truly looks amazing!!!

Derek B Houston, Texas

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Graig is the real deal! If you're considering this procedure, do yourself a solid favor and look no further - he's absolutely the best in the biz.

Jay Houston, Texas

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I’m not going to leave a long review, because I’m too busy looking at how handsome I am in the mirror, thanks to the skills of Graig Lauricella. The man is extremely talented and is one of the top practitioners in the industry. Believe me, I made sure I did my research before I decided to do this. Not only does Graig have mad skills, he is a very nice guy. No more scar, no more hiding under a hat!!

Norman Philadelphia

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I'd like to do this to somebody, I'd like to do this every day. To make people walk out like this, this is the best. This is the best here!

Michael R Virginia

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In trying to constantly find ways to stop my speedy hair loss with snake oils and pills, it was easy to forget what life used to be like. The people who say, “it’s just hair” are the ones who haven’t lost any. ScalpMicroUSA has given me back much of the self-esteem I had lost. It’s scary to think that it can make such a huge difference to one’s psyche. But, hey… it does.

Craig R New York

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I love the results! It took 2 sessions. Matt was professional but also personable and makes you feel comfortable. I would not change a thing about my experience. It was obvious Matt was a pro. So glad I did this, and glad I chose Scalp Micro USA.

Issac Eberhart Houston, Texas

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I was skeptical at first like anyone would be but Wow what an Amazing job Graig did! Not even noticeable and looks perfect after two sessions! Graig was also very professional, patient and genuinely cared. I highly recommend you get this done with Graig if you’ve been thinking about It. It’s more than worth It!

Ying Dallas, TX

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very professional, 5 stars

M L Houston, TX

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After doing some scalp micropigmentation research I found Graig in Houston and traveled for my sessions. It was all worth it because the work Graig does is amazing! It came out better than I expected!

Chase Dowell Houston, Texas

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Graig did a fantastic job. I'm so happy with the work and would do it all over again.

Vic V Houston, Texas

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Scalp Micro USA is 100% professional and after consulting with several other SMP clinics. Graig out shined them all with his professionalism, confidence and attention to detail. He listened to my concern, explained the process and made me feel at ease throughout the whole experience. I am very pleased with my results and there is nothing like having your confidence back. Thank you Graig.

Derek B Houston, Texas

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Graig is the real deal! If you're considering this procedure, do yourself a solid favor and look no further - he's absolutely the best in the biz.

Irvin Suarez Houston, Texas

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Awesome place to go and it was definitely a pleasure to have gone there for this amazing experience and get treated by Graig awesome guy felt super comfortable and I definitely recommend this place very pleased with the results 👌🏼

Trevor Thomas Houston, Texas

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I can't begin to explain how happy I am that I found not only this group, but this guy (Graig). I'm an obsessive researcher, and I searched for about a year before pulling the trigger. When you work with Graig, you genuinely know that what he's doing for you life is abundantly more important than the check you're writing. When you combine talent with that type of motive, it can't be beat. Highly recommend.

Jake Yuratich Houston, Texas

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Graig was very friendly, answered all my questions and the results were excellent. I would recommend Scalp Micro USA to anyone interested in SMP.

Timber Crafts Houston, Texas

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Graig was very professional and responsive at every step of the process. Best of all, he does a fantastic job. It’s more natural looking than I even thought was possible. I know I made the right decision with him and Scalp Micro. I definitely looked around and “interviewed” several others but this was the right decision for a number of reasons.

Mark Griffey New York City, NY

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I can't recommend these guys highly enough. They are very professional and Ken is a true artist when it comes to micropigmentation. I originally had the procedure done by another clinic that was driving distance to my home, BIG MISTAKE !!! Save yourself the time and money and just go to these guys. They are truly the best in the industry

Mario New York

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Just finished my 3rd session and Matt did an awesome job. I used a hair replacement system for 20 years. After careful research, I knew I wanted Matt to do the procedure. I flew in from Florida three times. The results were better then I expected. I should have done this along time ago. If your considering SMP, I recommend Matt. He is was very professional and personable. Thanks!

Will New York

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I had my second treatment completed a couple of weeks ago and I'm super satisfied and happy I finally got it done. From the beginning to end they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable in answering any of your questions or concerns. Matt is a super talented personable artist and I will definitely recommend his services to anyone and everyone looking to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

Diego Mora New York

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I researched extensively trying to find the best SMP practitioner and one name always came up, Matt Iulo. After a few more weeks of seeing Matt's name pop up a few times during my research I decided to make an appointment for the first session. All I can say it was awesome Matt is a humble guy that has the clients best interests at heart. He will work with you to get the perfect result and he makes you feel at ease. I will forever appreciate all he has done for me.

Cal Marrero New York, NY

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Matt, Ken, and the rest of the crew were great. Awesome customer service make you feel like home (they even let me take a few shots 😉). Ken worked on me both sessions and both times it came out looking awesome! Unbelievable really!

Jason M New York

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This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. My confidence is through the roof and I finally don't have to go another day worrying about my hair loss. Having dealt with hair loss since the age of 17, I have tried every solution from shampoos to surgery to hair systems, and this is hands down the best, and most natural, result I could've asked for.

Rick G. New York

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I had my 2nd session last week, and the results are nothing short of remarkable. If I could have done this 15 years ago, I would have! Matt and his staff are awesome.

Carlos Castro New York

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Ultimate professionals, Matt made me feel comfortable in making my decision and helped me to reach my goal in the type of look I wanted...Awesome experience, if you're interested in getting this procedure done... This is the place to be!!!

Kevin Hunt Nashville, Tennessee

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I flew from all the way from Nashville Tennessee to New York to meet Matt Lulo in person. He performed the procedure and I could not be happier. Matt is awesome, the people and team there are awesome, the atmosphere is awesome and my head is awesome. Thank you Micro Scalp USA. I don't think 5 stars is enough.

Michael Malmfeldt Virginia

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I have traveled up from Virginia for three procedures with Matt and I would have traveled from anywhere in the world. I believe Matt's the best there is at this and I wanted the best. I couldn't be happier with the results, and it was a great experience from beginning to end. If you are debating, stop, go get it done! You will not regret it.

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