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Brad Bohannon

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, Los Angeles CA

Brad Bohannon | @thebradbohannon
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Brad's Story

Brad started losing his hair when he was 24. Hair was a big part of his look and after his hair loss started getting worse and worse, he decided to shave it off. After looking at his wedding album, he found his hair loss to be very noticeable and there was the “hair loss horseshoe” on the back of his head. Brad came across scalp micropigmentation and got his treatment done at Scalp Micro USA.  Brad started as a brand ambassador at Scalp Micro USA, spreading the word about the treatment and sharing his experiences with other clients. His passion for scalp micropigmentation began to grow and Brad decided it was time to make this his life-long career.

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Brad's Experience

Brad received his treatment at Scalp Micro USA and joined the team after finishing his Master’s training with Matt Iulo, the Company Founder.  Matt specifically chose Brad because of his talent and passion for scalp micropigmentation.  Brad has treated over 1,100 SMP clients at Scalp Micro USA, of all different ages, ethnicities and hair loss levels. Brad typically does 2-3 clients per day in our Los Angeles SMP clinic. Brad has a keen eye for detail and makes sure every client is happy with their hairline design and treatment outcome.

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Brad's Credentials & Awards

Brad was #1 in his fundamentals and advanced level training class and completed a 3 month apprenticeship under Matthew Iulo. He’s part of the team that won Best Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the USA in 2020. Brad is also a part of the Folicule Ink Pro Team. He holds a California State Tattoo License, Scalp Micropigmentation Certification, Advanced SMP Certificate, and Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification.

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