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Mike Sosna

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist in NYC

Meet the artist

Mike Sosna

New York
SMP Artist

Mike has over 5 years of experience and has treated over 3,500 clients. Mike excels in hairline design and matching a person’s facial attributes and style to their treatment. He is in touch with both urban styles and more softer mature SMP looks. Mikes passion is displayed with his world-class results.

Mike’s Hair Loss Story

Mike began losing his hair in his early 20’s and tried every hair loss product on the market. He used hair fibers daily but found it to be incredibly messy and inconvenient. Mike came to Scalp Micro USA for the scalp micropigmentation treatment and was very interested in bringing this service into his barbershop in New Jersey. After graduating top of his class, he completed an apprenticeship under Matt Iulo and was a true stand out talent. Mike began working at Scalp Micro USA to help others struggling with hair loss. His passion and attention to detail have driven him up the ranks as a top practitioner in the industry.

Mike’s SMP Credentials

Mike was just nominated for 2019’s Rising Star Award in Scalp Micropigmentation and again in 2021. He’s also apart of the team that won Best Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the USA. Mike holds a New York State Tattoo License, Scalp Micropigmentation Certification, Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification, and Barbers license.


Our customers are saying

John Bruno

Amazing. I’m a different person. I knew it was going to be good, but I had no idea how much better I feel. Thanks Mike

Anthony Febus

Mike Sosna is incredible at what he does. If you’re looking for the perfect solution, he is your answer. Stop worrying about it and take the step. I did and I honestly couldn’t be happier. This man is a master at his craft. Also, he was a barber prior to this profession so... Read more

Mark Mocerino

Mike is a true artist. In my consultation, he knew exactly what he could do to make me look great. He completely transformed my scalp and my appearance. Haven’t felt this confident in a long time. He is a creative genius. Can’t recommend enough! Thank you!

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