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Chuck's Story

Chuck shares his scalp micropigmentation transformation and his Girlfriend approves!

Erics’s Story

Eric shares his hair loss journey and experience with Scalp Micro USA.

Nestor Houston, Texas

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My experience at Scalp Micro USA was phenomenal. Graig did my treatment, and I was extremely satisfied. He’s professional and his work speaks for itself. This treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has built my confidence and self-esteem. I recommend them to anyone seeking treatment. The space is clean and welcoming.

Norman Philadelphia

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I'd like to do this to somebody, I'd like to do this every day. To make people walk out like this, this is the best. This is the best here!

Michael R Virginia

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In trying to constantly find ways to stop my speedy hair loss with snake oils and pills, it was easy to forget what life used to be like. The people who say, “it’s just hair” are the ones who haven’t lost any. ScalpMicroUSA has given me back much of the self-esteem I had lost. It’s scary to think that it can make such a huge difference to one’s psyche. But, hey… it does.

Craig R New York

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I love the results! It took 2 sessions. Matt was professional but also personable and makes you feel comfortable. I would not change a thing about my experience. It was obvious Matt was a pro. So glad I did this, and glad I chose Scalp Micro USA.