Getting a Scalp Tattoo for Your Bald Spot

October 1st, 2023

A scalp tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation, can help cover bald spots, make thinning hair look more dense, and create the appearance of new hairlines. At Scalp Micro USA, we offer scalp micropigmentation for those searching for an effective hair loss coverage solution. Here’s more information on what a scalp tattoo is and how we can use it to cover your bald spot: 

What Is a Scalp Tattoo? 

The scalp micropigmentation procedure involves applying tiny impressions into the scalp to replicate the look of hair follicles. Practitioners can use this technique to create the appearance of a closely shaved head, reduce the contrast between natural hair and bald spots, or minimize the appearance of scars on balding areas. Scalp micropigmentation is an effective bald spot treatment that provides immediate results with no designated downtime.

How Does It Work?

The process is easy, just a few steps and you have yourself a new hairline and bald spots covered up. Here is the process of getting scalp micropigmentation

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your goals, questions, and desired outcomes during this initial consultation. Our practitioners can assess your scalp and recommend the best approach for your needs. Be sure to show and explain where your bald spots are and how you’d like them covered. 

Pigment Selection

Our practitioners can work with you to choose a pigment color that closely matches your existing hair, and that will blend the bald spot best. We can consider factors such as your skin tone and the extent of your hair loss.

Pigment Application

We use specialized micropigmentation equipment to deposit the pigment into the upper layer of your scalp. This process gives the appearance of tiny hair follicles on your bald spot. This pigment can help blend bald spots to minimize their appearance among short hair or create an entirely new buzz-cut style.

Layering and Density

Scalp micropigmentation typically requires several sessions to achieve the density and coverage you want. By layering and creating the appearance of density on your bald spot, your scalp tattoo may look more natural and seamless. This semi-permanent solution lasts four to six years before potentially needing a touch-up session. 

Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation for Your Bald Spot?

There are several benefits of choosing scalp micropigmentation for your bald spot. One of the most significant advantages of this treatment is seeing noticeable results directly after each session. 

You also don’t need to wait for hair to grow, making a hair tattoo an ideal choice for quick results. Maintaining the results of your scalp micropigmentation treatment is simple and requires little effort. You may need occasional touch-up sessions to maintain the pigment, but you won’t need daily hair care routines or expensive hair products.

Get a Scalp Tattoo With Scalp Micro USA

At Scalp Micro USA, our experienced practitioners can provide personalized scalp micropigmentation treatments for your bald spot. We can help guide you through the process for a natural-looking result. Contact us today to learn more about our micropigmentation services and how they can benefit you.

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