It’s Freakin’ Cold Outside and We’ve Got Your Bald Head Covered

November 13th, 2017

Bye, summer. It’s been real. Goodbye BBQs. Buh-bye beach days. See ya muscle tanks showing off the guns. It’s time to break out the leaf blower, snow shovel, and extra pair of wool socks. The change in seasons also gives way to a change in routine: Remembering your jacket on the way to the office or taking a few extra minutes in the morning to scrape ice off your car. It also means taking a sec to remember your bald head needs a little extra TLC. No joke: 75% of heat loss is through your head, so you need to take some safety measures with your noggin. No worries though; Scalp Micro USA has you covered (both literally and figuratively).

What’s Up Sunny?

No, we aren’t talking about your college drinking buddy. We’re talking about the actual big star in the sky – the sun. You may think basking in any and all warmth during the colder months is a good idea, but it actually can cause a lot of damage to exposed areas of the body (like your bald head). Just some of the dangers include dryness, peeling, and more seriously, certain types of cancers.


-Wear a hat (Wondering if hats cause hair loss? Click HERE)

And we aren’t talking ballcaps. Ski and wool hats will keep your head nice and toasty against the elements; as will aviator and flat caps. Looking for more suggestions on how to style your head? Our friends at Bald Fashion have some great ones.

-Don’t put away the sunscreen

You know sunscreen is good for you. But you may forget it’s good for you all year round. Use at least SPF 30 all over your bald scalp before you leave the house, no matter how subzero the temps get. Rub in a dime-sized amount when you get out of the shower every day and you’ll be good to go (waterproof recommended; rain, snow, and sweat happen).

Hey, Mr. Freeze:

And just like we weren’t talking about your college friend Sunny, before, we aren’t talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman. As careful as we want you to be in the sun, we want you to be as careful when there’s no sun at all. That’s right: Ice cold isn’t as cool as it sounds. Frostbite is not fun and your bald head is a prime target. Some warning signs include waxy skin, pins and needles, and redness.


-Keep it dry

Wet skin of any kind is not your friend when it comes to frostbite. Keep your head dry by layering and wearing fabrics close to the skin (read: wicking fabric is awesome).

-Earmuffs and ear flaps

I know we are focused on your hair loss, but don’t forget your around your ears in the process. Earmuffs and ear flaps are manly accessories – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Moisturize like a MOFO:

Let’s be clear: Keeping your head dry (from sweat or weather moisture) is one thing, but when you’re home, you need to A.B.M. (Always. Be. Moisturizing). So, do yourself a favor and add a step to your sunscreen application (above). Check out some of our favorite moisturizers and rub a dollop in a clockwise motion from front to back:

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream, for Sensitive Skin

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Craving more style tips? We’ve got you on the hair loss help. Check out some epic styles from our Scalp Micro USA gentlemen here: https: //

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