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Derek Bogner

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, Los Angeles CA

Derek Bogner | @derekbogs
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Derek's Story

Derek had been hiding behind his hair loss since he was 23 years old. He tried every hair loss product in the book: Rogaine, Propecia, expensive shampoos and conditioners and nothing worked. About 5 years ago, Derek came across scalp micropigmentation and the team at Scalp Micro USA. He flew from Los Angeles, CA to our clinic in NYC and immediately knew that this was the treatment for him. Derek’s biggest regret was that he did not get the treatment done sooner! It was a totally life-changing experience, extremely liberating and restored his self-confidence. He wanted to become a scalp micropigmentation artist to change lives. Understanding what the treatment did for him and a new outlook on life, he wanted to give that back to people who may have struggled with the same insecurities.

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Derek's Experience

Derek has been with Scalp Micro USA for over 2 years and treats two clients per day. He understands the importance of hairline design and color matching for all types of clients. Derek is known for his natural treatment results and the ability to approach each client as a completely new canvass. Derek is a true perfectionist and master of his craft. As both a client and practitioner of SMP, he is a wealth of knowledge for anyone starting their scalp micropigmentation process.

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Derek's Credentials & Awards

Derek was #1 in his fundamentals and advanced level training class and completed an 18-month apprenticeship under Matthew Iulo. He’s apart of the team that won Best Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the USA. Derek is a rising star in the scalp micropigmentation industry. He holds a California State Tattoo License, Scalp Micropigmentation Certification, Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation Certificate, and Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification.

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