What to Do After Your Micropigmentation Treatment

November 1st, 2021

If you’ve undergone scalp micropigmentation, it is essential to follow all post-procedure guidelines to ensure the best outcome.  Your SMP artist will advise you on what to do in the hours and days immediately after the procedure.

5 Things to Do After Scalp Micropigmentation

A scalp micropigmentation (SMP) requires at least 2 to 3 visits and a skilled practitioner. Each SMP will take a few days to heal before the follow-up and calls for specific aftercare instructions.

Each SMP client has unique requirements; however, there are various general practices. Here are five things you should do after getting an SMP treatment for hair loss.

1.    Keep Your Scalp Dry

You shouldn’t wash or wet your scalp after micropigmentation. Practitioners recommend four to five days of not cleaning the head. Heavy exercises that can result in sweating are also ill-advised during the first few days.

Washing or wetting your scalp within the first few days can damage the pigmentation. The scalp is also too sensitive during this time, and water or sweat can result in irritation. Therefore, you should ensure your scalp stays dry for four to five days following each SMP visit.

Scrubbing or even shampooing after an SMP are explicitly advised against, even though it can be tempting. However, scrubbing will open the minor wounds and leave you vulnerable to infections, while shampoos can add harsh, irritating chemicals.

2.    Avoid Touching Your Scalp

You shouldn’t touch the scalp after an SMP for the same reasons you shouldn’t touch open wounds. Touching can transfer pathogens and infections from other surfaces to minor injuries on your scalp. If you feel an itch, contact your practitioner for the best solution.

Your scalp requires a few weeks to heal after the last procedure. As such, you should avoid any form of scratching. If you notice scabs forming around the healing wounds, refrain from the temptation to pick them since they’ll fall away once the skin heals.

The goal is to let the scalp heal without interference. You can shave on the 10th day. Just make sure you avoid razors and wet shaves. If possible, avoid shaving for the recommended 28 days unless it’s necessary.

3.    Wash Scalp before Next Visit

After a few weeks, you’ll need to shave and clean your head before the follow-up procedure. Use non-fragrance soap and clean water to wash the scalp gently. Also, if you choose to shave after two weeks, avoid any harsh chemicals, such as shampoos and fragrances.

You can use a moisturizer in the third week after SMP to enhance healing. Note that washing and shaving are only advisable after the tenth day, preferably before the following procedure. You shouldn’t use a moisturizer before the 14th day.

You should always review the label on the soap before washing your head. Avoid all soaps that contain sulfates and use lukewarm water to prevent your scalp from sweating. You can also resume regular cleaning routine 14 days after your final procedure.

4.    Maintain Follow-Up Visits

Some patients can get the results they want after a couple of procedures. However, there’s no standard number of SMPs. Instead, the practitioner will determine how many visits you need based on the scalp area/size, hair loss issue, personal preferences, and observed developments.

However, most SMPs require at least three procedures to guarantee better retention. Since the results are instant, some people may choose to skip follow-up visits. However, the pigmentation will fade much faster, leaving you with less impressive results.

You should complete all procedures suggested by the practitioner. If you have an issue, discuss it with your practitioner and maintain communication until fully recovered. Follow-up visits are also essential whenever you experience any symptom, such as itching.

5.    Long-term SMP Aftercare

it is highly recommended that you keep away from all chlorinated pools as part of long-term aftercare. You can start swimming 30 days after the final procedure. However, the longer you wait, the better. Steam rooms/saunas and spas are also ill-advised during the initial four weeks.

You should protect your scalp from direct UV light for as long as you can. Ultraviolet rays are harsh and may delay healing or cause irritation. Applying sunscreen before you go out is one way of resolving UV concerns. Ensure you purchase SPF 50+ sunscreens.

Other long-term micropigmentation aftercare practices include avoiding antibacterial soaps and products that feature AHA or high alcohol content to protect your new pigments from fading. It would help if you also moisturized immediately after bath and before you sleep.

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