What to Look for in a Scalp Moisturizer

April 14th, 2022

Sporting a bald or close-shaved head is definitely a low-maintenance style, but low maintenance does not mean no care at all. Your scalp needs the same kind of attention as the rest of your skin to look its best. If you have had or are considering scalp micropigmentation to fill in a thin hairline, take a few extra minutes to moisturize your scalp to keep your new style looking fresh and healthy.

Why Does My Scalp Need Moisturizing?

Without hair to protect it from the elements, your scalp is directly exposed to dry winter air, the harsh UV rays of summer, and environmental pollutants. The frequent shaving needed to maintain your new look also takes its toll.

Consider these four important benefits for using a scalp moisturizer:

1. Soothe an Irritated Scalp

Even with short hair, you will still need to keep your scalp clean with shampoo or soap. These products strip away the skin’s natural protective oils to clean the area. Imagine shaving a scalp that is dried out from cleansing and lacking its natural moisture. With regular shaving, your scalp will quickly become sore and irritated without help from a high-quality moisturizer.

2. Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

Like all the skin on your body, your scalp appears smoother and more supple when it is properly moisturized. Good hydration helps skin look plump and become more resilient. It also helps to lessen the look of existing wrinkles and may prevent new ones from forming prematurely.

3. Prevent Flaking

Eliminating the confidence issues that can come with balding is one great side effect of scalp micropigmentation. The last thing you need is flakes of dry scalp littering your shoulders. If you have ever forgotten to moisturize your arms or legs and then scratched an itchy area, flakes of dry dead skin go everywhere. You can expect the same type of flaking from a dried-out scalp if you do not moisturize it. 

4. Protect From Sun Damage

Some scalp moisturizers include SPF to prevent sunburn and protect your scalp from developing skin cancer. The skin on the top of your head is sensitive, especially when you have protected it with hair or hats most of your life. Most men love showing off their bold new look after receiving scalp micropigmentation treatments and the last thing they want to do is cover up their heads. Using an effective moisturizer and a separate sunscreen is also a good solution. 

The Good, the Bad and the Oily: Choosing a Scalp Moisturizer

The skin- and hair-care market is overflowing with products. There are so many options it can be difficult for you to find a moisturizer that does its job without becoming overwhelmed by too many choices. It is tempting to reach for the most budget-friendly or the most high-end moisturizer. You may also be influenced to choose something with an appealing package. 

The best moisturizer is not necessarily the most expensive, and giving in to slick marketing can be a big mistake. Understanding what is — and is not — inside the product is the best way to find a great scalp moisturizer. 

Things to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid will immediately eliminate many unsuitable options, making it easier to focus on the good ones. First, avoid any product that includes ingredients you are allergic to. Of course, you may not realize you are allergic until you use the product. If you develop any type of rash, irritation, or allergic reaction then immediately discontinue use.

Other things to avoid include:

  • A product filled with artificial dyes, fragrances, and words you cannot pronounce
  • An oily moisturizer that does not absorb quickly
  • Parabens
  • A thin, watery product

Every product should be applied as directed to work properly. If you cannot adhere to products that recommend multiple application regimens then avoid such moisturizers as well. 

Things to Look for in a Scalp Moisturizer

Choose products made with natural ingredients. Look for a scalp moisturizer that offers:

  • Choices for a matte or glossy finish
  • Naturally soothing products like aloe vera that moisturize without leaving an oily residue
  • Easy application
  • All-natural ingredients you recognize

Another important thing to look for in a great scalp moisturizer is whether or not it is specifically formulated for bald heads and scalp micropigmentation care. A general body lotion or cream may offer some benefits to the scalp, but body lotion is not designed for the specific needs of scalp care.

How Long Should I Wait to Start Moisturizing After Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation treatments are considered “no downtime” treatments. You can return to work and participate in most of your normal activities once you leave your SMP appointment. However, there are some aftercare procedures to be aware of. Taking proper care of your scalp after a micropigmentation procedure will help it heal faster and ensure that the finished product meets all your expectations.

You should avoid any type of scrubbing, shaving, shampooing, or applying products to the head for four to five days after a scalp micropigmentation. Typically, a complete series SMP requires two to four sessions scheduled 10 to 20 days apart. That means you should skip moisturizing and other scalp-grooming activities for four to five days after each session. Waiting for the correct amount of time will protect the area and allow it to recover from the procedure unbothered.

Once your last session is finished and your scalp micropigmentation is completely healed, you can apply hair-care products, including moisturizer.

Where Can I Find the Best Scalp Moisturizer?

Speak with your Scalp Micro USA artist about all the aspects of post-micropigmentation scalp care. We strongly recommend Folicule products because they are made from gentle, natural ingredients that will not irritate sensitive skin or interfere with the pigments used for scalp micropigmentaion. Learn more about Folicule and post-micropigmentation scalp care to help you maintain your new look for a longer time. 

If you have questions, contact Scalp Micro USA and meet with one of our artists. We have clinics located in New York City and Los Angeles as well as Houston and Austin, Texas.

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