Should I Shave My Head If I Have Hair Loss?

June 1st, 2022

If you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, receding hairline, or bald spots caused by health reasons, a clean-cut, buzzed look may be the best option. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) helps to enhance any hair loss you may have experienced to give you the look of a full buzzed head.

Does Shaving Help With Hair Loss

About 30% to 50% of men experience hair loss by the time they are 50. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon and can result from issues other than genetics. When you experience hair loss, you can speak to a scalp tattooist about options before you decide to shave your head.

For some people, shaving the head is the best choice and achieves the most desirable looks. Here’s why you may consider shaving your head to deal with hair loss:

1.    Hiding the Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

Hair loss and thinning hair is enough reason to shave your head if you want to hide your hair situation. A smooth bald shave is much better than outgrowing hair around bald patches. Shaving the head is the easiest thing to do and easier than trying to cover up bald spots. It, nonetheless, requires frequent shaving to keep the clean shave look as hair grows pretty fast.

2.    Reduce Maintenance Decisions

All you need is a clean or close shave to maintain the look. You can easily do this yourself without having to go to a barber.  This would save you time and money.

You don’t have to worry about conditioners or shampoos.  You do want to keep your scalp moisturized and protect it from the sun.   Always wear sunscreen and a hat for prolonged sun exposure.

Scalp Micropigmentation and Shaving

It’s a common misconception that shaving is necessary for scalp micropigmentation. Each client has unique needs and hairstyles they wear, so shaving isn’t always necessary.  It depends on the scale of your hair loss, the outcome you seek, and available solutions.  SMP can also enhance the appearance of a transplant and works for various hairstyles and hairlines.

SMP resolves many hair loss cases, including thinning hair, so you don’t always need to shave. Scalp micropigmentation can be used for density fills to strengthen the look of your existing hair or you can buzz/shave and use scalp micropigmentation to recreate your hairline and fill in any and all gaps of hair loss. Some people use SMP to conceal thinning hair in specific spots. In such cases, the artist will sift through existing follicles to tattoo the scalp for a thicker, fuller appearance. SMP can conceal the bald spots to resemble other outgrowing hair.

If you prefer the short hair stubble look, hair never stops growing in places where the follicles are still active, so you need regular shaves to maintain this look.

SMP treatments will last 4-6 years with minimal touch-ups needed.  Depending on the recommended treatment, you will need to shave a few days before your first appointment on the area being worked on and apply generous amounts of moisturizer.   Your practitioner will go over all your options and requirements during your first consultation visit.

Check out our Before/After Images for hairline options you might have for Scalp Micropigmentation.

For Scar Camouflage, we see up to an 80% reduction in scar concealment.  Check out the before and after pictures here.

Costs will vary depending on your condition and the size of the area, but you can expect to spend around $2,800 – $4,500.  For a more detailed analysis of cost, check out our blog.

When to Shave Your Head

Hair loss is a natural process, especially in the case of alopecia and pattern baldness. If your parents go bald, there’s always a chance you’ll experience the same. Some people lose hair because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, disease, scalp issues, accidents, and more.

If you’re experiencing hair loss in specific areas, the regions with healthy follicles will continue growing. You can improve the appearance, whether through shaving, a short cut and improving the look with scalp micropigmentation.

Some people may be limited to shaving as the only solution. Here’s why you might have to shave your head:

1.    When Other Alternatives are Unfeasible

Scalp micropigmentation is the best and safest alternative to shaving. Your hair won’t grow back, but the tattoos conceal the bald spots effectively. Some people consider hair transplant surgery, which comes with many side effects and is too expensive.

Shaving might be your only option if you have tried hair transplant surgery without success or are left with an exposed scar. Consulting an experienced practitioner can show you what options are available to you.

2.    When Necessary for the Look

If you’re going for a stubble, short-looking style a clean bald shave with scalp micropigmentation will give you that look. Regularly shaving your head is sufficient to maintain the look. You should invest in scalp-protecting creams, moisturizers, and caps/hats.

Bald shaves are fashionable, and many men keep a clean look despite having dense hair and follicles. Shaving is also necessary to trim outgrowing hair to maintain a buzz cut look after your SMP procedure.

Trustworthy Scalp Micropigmentation

There’s nothing wrong with shaving your head clean to maintain a neat look when dealing with balding and hair loss. However, you aren’t limited to shaving. Hair loss cases are unique for each person, so you explore your options with an SMP artist.

SMP is an effective, affordable, and practical solution for hair loss, alopecia receding hairline, and thinning hair. It can replicate natural hair follicles to provide a neat buzz cut.

The process is effective and offers an affordable, non-invasive alternative for improving hair loss. All you need is a trustworthy practitioner. At Scalp Micro USA, we focus on providing premium-quality scalp micropigmentation services.

We’re the leading SMP company in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin, TX. Our experienced SMP artists and full-service clinic can help you remedy balding, transplant scars, thinning hair, and other forms of hair loss.

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