Keeping it Clean: The 101 on Shaving Your Head and Beard Without the Mess

March 6th, 2018

Eating chicken wings. The morning after the Super Bowl. Ending your last Tinder relationship. Shaving your head and beard in the bathroom. What do they all have in common? You’ve guessed it; they’re all messy. Look, keeping the bathroom tidy post grooming isn’t just a male issue. It goes for all genders and their grooming habits. However, us guys need to get the tidiness factor down, or it can definitely be a point of contention in any relationship or co-habitation situation.

Can you relate? You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve got solutions to make the process a whole lot cleaner.

  • Start Simple: The easiest way to keep the mess contained is to put something down to catch the hair. Covering the counter with newspaper, tin foil, or paper towels are your best (and cheapest) options. Anything lighter in weight (like tissues or TP) won’t do you any favors: The hair will fall off and create a bigger mess.
  • Create a Hair Hut: Our friends at Esquire have a genius idea on creating a barrier. Fold the bottom of a poster-board or cardboard and set it over the sink or counter. After you’ve “caught” the falling hair, you can easily dump it into the trash with one swoop.
  • Go Big or Go Home: Feeling like you need a little more assistance? There are products for that. The Beard King is a legit bib that attaches to the mirror while you’re shaving to catch all the unwanted hair. Check out the demo video here.  Like products include BeardMat, and Beard Smart.
  • Can’t Be Bothered, but Want to Keep the Peace?: Here’s a little cocktail that could do the trick. Fill the sink about halfway with hot water. Then, snag the plunger and work it until everything starts moving. If that doesn’t work, pour one cup of baking soda down the drain with one cup of vinegar and let it sit for five-to-seven minutes. Then, pour a half a cup of hot water (slowly) down the drain. Use gloves (vinegar stings). If that doesn’t work, well, next time you’ll probably go with one of our other suggestions, instead.

Want more tips and tricks for keeping that hair stubble in check? We have all the information you need. Check out our site here.

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