Scalp Micropigmentation New York, Los Angeles CA, Houston & Austin TX

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micro USA is the leading scalp micropigmentation company in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston, Austin, Chicago, and South Florida that offers the most natural hair loss solution for balding, thinning hair, transplant scars, and alopecia. We replicate tiny hair follicles to give the look of a buzz cut or short hair stubble. Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive, affordable, and 100% effective hair loss solution. Join over 10,000 clients who chose Scalp Micro USA for their scalp micro pigmentation treatment!

Restore your receded hairline with scalp micropigmentation.

Pattern Baldness
Strengthen and add density to thinning areas for the appearance of thick, strong hair with scalp micro pigmentation.

Scar Camouflage
Conceal the visibility of your hair transplant (FUE/FUT) scar with small, color matched hair follicle deposits with scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

NYC | LA | Houston | Austin | Chicago | South Florida Find a scalp micropigmentation clinic near you! Scalp Micro USA has Scalp Micropigmentation clinics in New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Chicago, and South Florida. Learn more about scalp micro pigmentation today.


  • "It gives you confidence with your everyday life. My brother said to me, wow you look like a stud, you look better than me now! These guys at Scalp Micro USA really care, they're fun. It's a great decision and I'm very happy with you guys. " - Steve, Client at Scalp Micro USA

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  • "People just think I have the freshest cut, like I just stepped out the barbershop. Now I feel good looking in the mirror. If you really want to make a change you can, this is a real option. Don't let your age restrict you...I ain't old! " - Rodney aka KIDRL, Client at Scalp Micro USA

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  • "I don't think about my hair anymore. I get dressed, get out of bed, and go to work, that's it. It looks so natural and so real! I just wish I had gotten it done sooner." - Travis, Client at Scalp Micro USA

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  • "It's changed my life for the better! Matt gave me the hairline that I wanted. I'm ready to go places and do things, travel everywhere, and show it off. If you're thinking about doing it, don't think about it just go for it!" - Angelino, Client at Scalp Micro USA

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  • "It's amazing man, everything I wanted! It looks natural, clean, it's a life changer man I'm not gonna lie. Nobody can tell at all. I would suggest this to anybody. Everyday will be a lot easier, you take your hat off and you don't have to worry about nothing, just cut your hair and you're good. " - Raul, Client at Scalp Micro USA

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Matthew Iulo Director & Lead Specialist | Scalp Micro USA

Matthew Iulo Was Among The First Specialists

to deliver scalp micropigmentation (smp) treatments in the United States. Recognized internationally for his premier results, Matt has been in the scalp micropigmentation industry for 10 years and has treated over 5,000 clients suffering from hair loss. He has opened up scalp micropigmentation clinics in NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin, Texas!