Meeting Your Hair Loss Head-On: The Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

September 13th, 2021

When you decide it’s time to do something positive about your hair loss, consider the advantages of scalp micropigmentation (SMP).  Also known as a hairline tattoo, SMP is the permanent solution you’ve been looking for that doesn’t depend on drugs, expensive creams, or invasive surgery. Don’t hide under hats or let a receding hairline control your style. Meet the challenge head-on!

Fast and Lasting Results

With a hairline tattoo, there’s no waiting for months to see results like with other methods. In fact, you’ll see improvement immediately after the first treatment.  Most clients require only 2 to 3 sessions, with each session lasting between 2 to 4 hours. Results from scalp micropigmentation are considered permanent, though some light fading of the pigment may occur over many years. If this happens, a single “touch-up” session will restore the micropigmentation so you can enjoy many more years of style.

Affordable Upfront Pricing

At Scalp Micro USA, we want our clients to feel confident that scalp micropigmentation is the right choice, and that includes understanding all the costs involved with treatments. Our pricing model is based on the level of hair loss and clients can receive a personalized evaluation of costs when they schedule a free consultation. At that time, our team will assess your needs and provide a customized quote, including the number of treatments that will be required for the best results.

SMP costs a fraction of the price of a hair transplant, and except for a possible touch-up appointment in a few years, there are no post-procedural costs involved. There’s no need to continue buying messy foams or specialized hair-care products. Once the treatments are complete you can return to normal hair- and scalp-care routines with the products of your choice.

Works for Everyone

Not every hair-loss treatment can promise results for every client, but SMP does. The results of micropigmentation and nearly undetectable.  Your Scalp Micro USA artist carefully duplicates each individual hair follicle for a full, seamless look. The pigment shade can be mixed to complement all hair colors, including gray hair. No matter the shape of your head, your skin tone, or your hair color, Scalp Micro USA artists can create a natural-looking style that works for you. The only catch is you need to keep your hair at a short-buzzed length.


Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that requires no topical creams or drugs. While the process is often referred to as “tattooing,” the process of SMP uses permanent cosmetic equipment with micro-needles about one-third the size of a standard tattoo needle. The pigment is placed between and around existing hair follicles—to create the look of a full head of closely shaved hair.

No False Claims or Expectations

There are dozens of so-called hair growth products on the market that make big promises, but few of them have any effect at all. Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t make promises it doesn’t keep. It is not a “cure” for baldness, and it doesn’t regrow hair. Instead, scalp micropigmentation creates the look of a full head of closely shaved hair. Every treatment plan is individually customized. Your SMP artist will work with you to create a hairline and style you love before treatments ever begin.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Your Solution?

One of the great advantages of scalp pigmentation is that it doesn’t prevent you from trying other solutions. If you don’t want to give up on products like Propecia or Rogaine, you don’t have to.  However, it is recommended that you suspend the use of topical creams during the course of SMP treatments and for 90 days after the final session. We feel confident you’ll love the look and feel of your new scalp tattoo, but undergoing SMP treatments won’t take any options off the table.

In just a few sessions, your scalp artist can make worries about thinning hair a thing of the past. With micropigmentation your style will look neat, clean, and appropriate for any lifestyle. So ditch the broken promises and empty tubes of ointment, and call Scalp Micro USA today to schedule a free consultation

Visit one of our clinics in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Chicago, and South Florida to get started. We offer custom hair loss solutions to people with all kinds of backgrounds and needs. Our practitioners blend your procedure with the existing hair for a natural and realistic look.

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