How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

June 22nd, 2020

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the most popular procedures for concealing hair loss. After all, this type of treatment is less invasive than other procedures such as hair transplants, which can sometimes require significant downtime. It’s also more effective than other non-invasive treatments and therapies like Propecia, Rogaine, Biotin shampoos and laser caps when it comes to producing real, visible results. But how long do results actually last?

The scalp micro pigmentation process involves depositing tiny replicated follicles into the scalp to create a long-lasting appearance of hair stubble. While the process can resemble that of a cosmetic tattoo, there are other factors that can play into how long scalp micropigmentation lasts. 

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

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Scalp micropigmentation is considered a permanent treatment. The treatment can last for up to 6 years or more depending on how the procedure was performed and how it’s taken care of in the following years. Micropigmentation can usually start to lighten after 4 to 6 years, requiring a touchup.

To get the best results, scalp micropigmentation is done over 2 to 3 sessions with 10 to 14 days in between each session. The first session’s results will be a good gauge of how well the micropigmentation is retained. However, some fading after the first session is normal. The second and third sessions will help create more density and fullness to ensure the SMP lasts for many years.

Will scalp micropigmentation fade?

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While scalp micropigmentation should last for several years, it’s likely that it will begin fading to a degree at some point. However, the degree of fading depends on several factors such as how your body responds to the micropigmentation. This means that scalp pigmentation fading is highly individualized to your body, skin, and lifestyle. 

When SMP ink is deposited, it sits around 2 layers beneath the skin. As the skin naturally exfoliates, the possibility of fading may be increased.

Quality and type of ink is also an important factor. Scalp Micro USA uses a proprietary ink mixture called Folicule that is specifically made for scalp micropigmentation. Using a non-tested ink can affect the consistency of the appearance and how long it lasts. It will also be important to make sure the pigment hue matches your existing hair color. Using a lighter or darker hue, for example, could affect the consistency of the hair’s appearance and color. Still, an scalp pigmentation practitioner will make sure the correct color  is picked before starting the process. 

Many people will need a touch up after 4 to 6 years. After one touch-up session, the original appearance should be restored and last for many more years to come. 

How is scalp micropigmentation different from a tattoo?

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There are several ways that SMP differs from a traditional tattoo. Because tattoo needles are larger than those for scalp micropigmentation, they tend to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

Ultraviolet (UV) light is known to fade both SMP and traditional tattoo inks. Sitting outside for extended periods of time without sunscreen or a protective covering could not only lead to sunburn, but it could also fade micropigmentation at a faster rate. That’s why it’s important to prevent fading with a high-SPF sunscreen, especially if you’ll be exposed to the sun’s UV rays for longer than usual. 

Results with Scalp Micro USA

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When scalp micropigmentation is performed by a skilled practitioner, the results can appear cleaner and last for much longer.. At Scalp Micro USA, SMP practitioners are heavily trained to ensure the highest-quality results for over 10,000 clients. Learn more about scalp micropigmentation and how long it lasts by booking a free consultation

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