Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

April 29th, 2020

If you’re losing your hair, particularly because of androgenetic alopecia, the leading cause of hair loss, then you may be searching for a solution. Many hair loss remedies require daily upkeep, sometimes multiple times a day, in the forms of applying various creams or taking medications. But if you just want a solution that requires two to three visits and then barely any maintenance, then scalp micropigmentation (SMP), also known as a hair tattoo or scalp tattoo, is for you. It’s a process that makes it look like you always just got a fresh buzzcut.

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

The scalp micropigmentation treatment is semi-permanent in the sense that it will maintain it’s look for 3-5 years and then will begin to lighten overtime. Because scalp micropigmentation falls under the PMU (Permanent Makeup) category it is understood that you will have the treatment for an extended period of time and is not something you can simply take off the next day. There are remedies to remove the treatment permanently, however, at Scalp Micro USA out of the 10,000+ clients we’ve treated, zero have take those steps to remove.

Scalp Micropigmentation vs Tattoos

While SMP is compared to tattoos, that’s only shorthand meant to broadly communicate how the process works. In reality, SMP is very much unlike traditional tattoos. The process begins with a consultation, which can be done in person or over the phone. In general, two to three treatment sessions are scheduled, and they last between two to three hours. They’re usually done 10-14 days apart. The third session is sometimes optional depending on each individual client’s case.

How long does Scalp Micropigmentation last?

Scalp pigmentation will last on average for 3-5 years. After that time period, you may see minimal lightening of the treatment (not discoloration). If this happens, a “touch up” session can be scheduled to bring the treatment back to it’s original look.

Step to prevent your scalp micro pigmentation from fading

  • Avoid direct exposure to the harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen to any exposed parts of your body, including your scalp. This will prevent skin damage, reduce the likelihood of  cancer, and prevent your SMP from fading.
  • Once a day, moisturize your scalp. This is even the case if you’ve just taken a hot shower. Hot water has the effect of dehydrating your skin.
  • Use a natural tea tree oil based exfoliating cleanser on your scalp to remove dead skin flakes and other debris.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Ink

Another factor that extends the life of your scalp tattoo is that Scalp Micro USA has manufactured its own ink called Folicule that’s used exclusively for scalp micropigmentation! It’s organic, carbon-based black pigment so the colors won’t change over time. Folicule has been innumerably tested to make sure every impression is consistent. One big difference between a tattoo and SMP: the Folicule is deposited using a “3-point-micro-needle” that’s 75% smaller than the smallest needle a tattoo artist can get. This allows Scalp Micro USA’s technicians to deposit Folicule with such precision that the result can’t even be distinguished from an actual hair follicle! Additionally, SMP only goes two layers into the skin to keep the pigment from losing its shape. All of these aspects extend the lifespan of your hair tattoo.

When the entire process is finished, you’ll be left a satisfied customer. And people will wonder, where do you find the time to always keep your buzzcut looking so fresh. To see if scalp micropigmentation will work for you, click HERE to speak with an expert SMP practitioner. 

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