Will My Scalp Micropigmentation Artist Be Able To Show Me Their Portfolio?

June 20th, 2023

Scalp Micro has helped thousands of people beat hair loss with scalp micropigmentation. During micropigmentation, one of our artists will deposit small amounts of pigment into your scalp, replicating the look of a buzzcut. Our artists are professional, well-trained, and experienced to provide top-quality services.

Your artist will be able to show you their portfolio before beginning treatment. We recommend asking to see your artist’s portfolio so that you can determine if they are a good fit for you. They can also help you decide between different hairline styles.

Why You Should Ask To See Your Scalp Micro Artist’s Portfolio

Asking to see your artist’s portfolio can give you insight into their skill level and approach. You can tell if they specialize in certain styles, types of hairlines, or different hair loss patterns. Our artists’ portfolios showcase multiple before and after styles from different clients so you can see their experience.

What You’ll See In Our Artists’ Portfolios


Your artist’s style and quality should remain consistent across their portfolio. Our artists are consistent in their work and can provide evidence in their portfolios. Make sure to review the portfolios of several different artists to compare their consistency and find your best match.

Realistic Results

Your artist’s work should look realistic and natural. Look for realistic hairlines, density, and color that matches the client’s natural hair. Keep in mind that not all hairlines will look completely natural, as some clients ask for a different edge than their natural hairline. You can ask your artist what style each client asked for to see how they did.


At Scalp Micro, we get clients of all different ethnicities with various hair types, hair loss patterns, and head shapes. A diverse portfolio shows that the artist has the skill to work with a wide range of clients. You can ask to see clients that have a similar appearance to you or ask for examples of clients who asked for the hairline that you want to get. This can help you visualize how the treatment might look on you.


Pay attention to the details of your artist’s work. Placement of the pigment and accuracy of the follicle replication are things to look out for when surveying their work. You can ask for images at different angles to see how the micropigmention looks from all sides.

Popular Hairline Options

Before your treatment, you will need to decide which hairline you want. The artist can advise you on flattering patterns to match your natural hairline and bone structure. Some of our most popular options include:

Round Hairline: Round hairlines curve towards the temples. The intensity of this curve is entirely up to you. If you are after a softer and more natural hairline, then a round hairline may be your best option.

Slightly Receded Hairline: The slightly receded hairline offers a fairly natural option, as it can replicate an aged hairline while still giving more density. You can also ask for a more defined widow’s peak. The results may be more subtle with this hairline.

Defined or Broken Hairline: With any hairline that you choose, you will also need to decide between a defined and broken hairline. Defined hairlines can look more cultivated because the hairline is sharper. Broken hairlines may look more natural and give the impression that you buzz your hair on your own. We can also find a middle ground between different types of hairlines. Let your artist know if that is an option that you are interested in.

Straight Hairline: Straight hairlines are stylish and youthful. Clients that like going to the barber to get lined up can appreciate these hairlines.

How to Prepare

During your consultation, your artist can help you choose a hairline style. Before and during your first micropigmentation treatment, you can make small adjustments to the shape or density. Our artists can help you decide if you want the knowledge of an experienced practitioner. Coming in with an idea of what you want your treatment to look like can expedite the process and help your artist know what you expect from your treatment.

We recommend browsing our hairlines results page and saving any results that you would like your artist to replicate. Reference photos can make it easier for your artist to understand what you want.

Come To Scalp Micro USA for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

If you are interested in scalp micropigmentation, book a consultation with Scalp Micro USA. Our consultations can help you visualize how different hairlines can look on you and what options you have. Our artists are trained professionals that are happy to show you their portfolios. They can also help you decide on a style if you are unsure of your options or need help deciding. To take the first step, make an appointment at one of our clinics in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Chicago, or Fort Lauderdale.

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