Hey Man, You Bald? No Hair, No Problem: Grow an Epic Beard

November 30th, 2018

So let’s get straight to the point: You’ve got a hair loss sitch. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually pretty kick-ass. Why? Because being bald (or having thinning hair or receding hair) gives you some pretty cool compensation packages others (with hair) can’t pull off. That’s right, my friends: You can counter no hair up there with a short buzz cut and an epic beard.

The Epic Beard, You Say?

Let’s start by defining “epic” as it relates to the “epic beard”. We are talking full-length, untouched, growing-in-any-and-every-which-way kind of beard. The kind of beard random people at a bar turn their heads for. The kind of beard that gives you that extra swag walking down the street. Hell, some women even find it hot and irresistible. More importantly, the “epic” beard, accompanied by a tight buzz cut, is the kind of look that makes you feel your most handsome and bad-ass self.

Just check out these famous guys that make it look beast:

Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy

Hollywood’s first Bond, Sean Connery

Late-night TV guru David Letterman

See? EPIC.

You may be wondering, how did this beard’s “epic” nature come to be? The epic beard is actually a fairly recent look. According to an article in the New York Post  the epic beard started off as an anti-business look and a way to exude some serious masculinity, but grew (literally) into a symbol of self-expression, personality, and style. In some cases, men even grew epic beards for charity (for example, check out some of these dudes).

To be clear, we think growing the epic beard is ALWAYS a great idea, but we get you may have employers that….don’t. So, how do you get your beard, and wear it, too?

Hey, Boss. Like My Beard?

Specifically, in the career department, you may be wondering if your current or future boss would dig this epic beard. And, if they don’t, can they tell you to lose it? The bad news first: Unfortunately, the answer is yes, according to Some more conservative employers (finance, medical, industrial, and law) may have specific requirements for how you look (for medical and industrial, it may be for health and safety reasons). Additionally, it may just be the company culture to have a “no facial hair” rule. If any of these are the case, your facial hair can be a deal breaker.

If your boss is persistent your epic beard is a no go, and it’s for a valid reason (like health), you may just have to bite the bullet or find a career more friendly to your fuzz. However, if you’re working in the creative space, or another industry where you don’t think this is the case, there are ways you can defend your beard without getting all defensive. In fact, Time for some great news: We actually chatted with some hiring managers, as well as current employees about their feelings on facial hair (outside of the safety and health industries, above), and this (informal) survey came back with a pretty clear answer: As long as you keep it clean and tidy, you should rock that epic beard high and mighty.

Epic Takeaways

  1. Brushing: It’s important you keep your beard brushed. Not just to keep it in check from a tidy perspective, but also from a keep-the-food-or-other-particles-out perspective.
  2. Keep it Right and Tight: Once that thing starts growing, there’s no telling which way it will g(r)o(w). If you’re working that nine-to-five, it’s important you keep the lines pretty clean and long.
  3. Get Real: Just as women get bad haircuts and have to wait for it to grow out to see if it will fix itself, men have a similar (yet opposite) issue with the epic beard. If you’re seeing it grow out and it’s stringy, frizzy, curly or just doesn’t seem to work with what you already have going on, it’s OK to bail and try something else (spoiler: We have some great content coming up in the next few months on styling you, and that bald(ing) head of yours).
  4. Seek Professional Help: Visit a stylist or barber who specializes in the beard. They can help you get it in tip-top-shape that’s best for your face.
  5. Say Screw It: Forget 1-4 and just grow the HECK out of that beard. Everyone else will learn to deal, right?

For some great tips on trimming your beard check out The Ultimate Guide on How to Trim a Beard by Mens Hairstylists.

Craving more style tips on making your bald, buzz cut beautiful? We’ve got you on the hair loss help. Check out some epic styles from our Scalp Micro USA gentlemen here

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