How to deal with hair loss?

March 2nd, 2020

You caught a glimpse of your own reflection in the mirror and notice, “Hey, my hairline is receding a little bit.” Then, you’re out with your friends and you start seeing other bald guys and guys with full locks of hair, and it hits you…you’re dealing with hair loss. So what happens now?

Androgenetic Alopecia

It helps to know what kind of hair loss you have because that’ll affect your treatment options. “What is androgenetic alopecia?” you ask yourself while Googling. It’s probably the form of hair loss you have because over 50 million men are affected by it, making it the most common cause of male pattern baldness. It’s a genetic predisposition, so the abundance of hair loss in your family is a good sign it’s androgenetic alopecia. So, what are your options?

Rogaine & Propecia

If you didn’t catch hair loss very early on, over the counter medications aren’t really an option since they don’t give you a brand new full head of hair. At best, Rogaine and Propecia can slow hair loss and reverse it bit. Companies like Hims, Roman, and Keeps offer subscription models for easy access but you’ll want to check the side effects as Propecia can often cause ED.

Hair Fibers

There are hair fibers, also known as hair concealer, which create the appearance of thicker hair, so long as you somehow avoid ever getting your head wet and have enough hair to work with. Hair fibers tend to be a short term solution as it’s upkeep can become tedious.

And then there are pricier options…

Hair Transplants

These work in one of two ways: you either remove hair in thin strips (FUT hair transplants) or remove hairs one by one (FUE hair transplants), and seed them from the back donor area, elsewhere on the scalp. This is a real surgery that takes multiple visits, lots of money, and between six months to a year to notice results. You also need to make sure you are done losing hair because the more hair you lose, the more transplants you’ll need.

Laser Treatments

Then there’s laser treatment for hair loss, which is based on the idea that lasers help restore hair growth. It’s expensive and the results, at best, are inconsistent. What, then, is the most consistent form of hair loss treatment?

Scalp Micropigmentation

The ANSWER: Scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

SMP, also known as a scalp micropigmentation or scalp pigmentation, is a treatment that makes it look like you have tiny hair stubble or a fresh buzz cut using hair pigmentation. In just two to three sessions, you leave with the entire hair loss process complete. And you only need a touch up, at most, once every four to six years.

Scalp micropigmentation is the most effective and consistent way to deal with male pattern baldness. Before you actually go through with the process, you’ll need to come in for a consultation. After that, there are 5 things to do before your scalp micropigmentation treatment. And after that… you’re done in two to three sessions. And unlike these other options, you can see the results right away and it’s okay to get your scalp wet. For more information about scalp micro pigmentation, talk to one of our expert scalp pigmentation practitioners today.

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